Our caring and professional staff at Children of the Rainbow provide a fun, enriching atmosphere. The children are led through age appropriate activities throughout their time with us. Care is given in a consistent manner, allowing our students comfort in a reliable atmosphere, freeing them for fun and learning.


The State of California requires that all teachers working in childcare programs have a teacher permit from the California Department of Teacher Credentialing. In order to obtain a permit, teachers must take child development classes and engage in ongoing professional development workshops designed to improve their skills and keep them current. In addition, many of our teachers have or are working towards obtaining college degrees in early childhood education.


Many of our teachers participated in a three-year Early Reading First grant designed to help them gain the skills needed to prepare children for success in elementary school. The approach we use helps to improve children’s pre-literacy skills, especially for children at risk due to poverty. This program focuses helping teachers understand how to use scientifically based reading research to give the children early literacy skills that have been proven to be critical to future success in school.


Many of our teachers are also bilingual in a variety of languages including Spanish, French and Arabic. We value the bond that we have with our children’s parents as an essential part of our program.